Sani-Gel Pro & Sani-spray pro are Manufactured in Canada.

We are manufacturers of Hand Sanitizers in Canada. We have several registrations with Health Canada for Gel Hand Sanitizers and Spray Sanitizers. Our “SANI-GEL” brand is manufactured under strict regulatory controls and compliance. We have our Health Canada site license in Pointe- Claire, as well, we utilize several local contract manufacturers who are also Health Canada inspected. Our products are manufactured with food grade alcohol and our products have excellent organoleptic characteristics. Our products have a pleasant lemon fragrance – We guarantee a great crisp and fresh scent. All raw materials and finished products are tested by Health Canada inspected analytical testing labs.

Health Canada Approved

Sani-Gel Pro is a water clear light gel that is never sticky. It has an evanescent texture that breaks and releases alcohol into your hand as soon as the Gel touches your skin. It is cooling, refreshing, and light in fragrance. The alcohol is always very pure and good for all ages, as per directions for use. Sani-Gel Pro can be dispensed by pump or flip Cap. Sani-Gel Pro products are registered with Health Canada NPN 80098591.

Sani-Spray Pro is a liquid spray/ mist dispensed hand sanitizer. It is practical for rapid and evenly applied disinfection of hands. Spray offers easy access and easy dispensing. It can also be used on surfaces such as phones, frequently touched objects, pets, body parts and surfaces that need to be disinfected. Sani-Spray Pro is also has a light and pleasant fragrance. Sani-Gel pro products are registered with Health Canada NPN 80098486.